Aberfeldie Primary School



Visual Arts

Aberfeldie Primary School has a well-equipped Art room with all students from Foundation to Year 6 participating in weekly art classes with a specialist Art Teacher. 2019 was the grand opening of our new Art space. Nikki Daley has worked to create a space that is inviting and provides an essential art experience for our students.

The Victorian Curriculum is used as a base for planning and all students are involved in creating, making, presenting and reflecting on their art works. The students explore the areas of painting, drawing, construction, printing, collage, modelling and textiles. Activities build upon the students’ skills and knowledge and their appreciation of art. Visual Arts classes give students the opportunity to develop and broaden their creative skills and celebrate their work with students’ art work prominently displayed around the school.

Physical Education

Aberfeldie Primary School has excellent physical education facilities with a well-equipped gymnasium, oval, large play spaces and netball courts. Sam Cheshire is our Physical Education Teacher and takes all students from Foundation-Year 6 for a weekly Physical Education lesson.

The Physical Education program is based on the movement and physical activity dimensions of the Victorian Curriculum. The focus of the program is to engage students in activities that demonstrate and promote the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. The Physical Education program develops students’ confidence and motivation to use and develop their movement skills, improve their performance and maintain a healthy level of fitness. At Aberfeldie we value inclusion, innovation and success. Through our Physical Education program, students develop an understanding and appreciation of cooperative, competitive sports and games. Students learn the concept of fair play and the value of positivity. We believe our programs allow our children to develop a powerful understanding of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Japanese is the addtional language taught at Aberfeldie Primary School. The aim of our program is to develop an understanding that language is used for communication, and through exploring other languages we are able to develop an awareness and respect for other cultures and celebrate diversity.

Andrew Truong and Jill Walker create a Japanese classroom that is vibrant and bursting with images that allows the students to be immersed in Japanese culture. Students from Foundation to Year 6 participate in weekly Japanese classes. The Japanese language program uses a living language approach that aims to bring to life and let students experience many aspects of Japan and Japanese lifestyle. The program develops students’ knowledge of various aspects of daily life and social interactions including festivals and historical events and gives students the skills and ability to communicate and live out these experiences using Japanese Language.

Performing Arts

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