Aberfeldie Primary School


Mathematics & Numeracy

Mathematics Theory and Practice

Mathematics practice at APS provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in mathematics and working mathematically. Students have the opportunity to develop increasingly sophisticated and refined mathematical understanding, fluency, communication, reasoning, analytical thought and problem-solving skills through carefully structured and planned lessons. The gradual release structure provides dedicated time for the modelling of strategies using explicit and planned language before guiding students' practice during the acquisition and providing feedback on students' use of strategies.

To help students achieve proficiency in Maths, teachers should:

Big Ideas in Mathematics

The Big Ideas in Mathematics is a framework that supports a deep, coherent understanding of mathematics. It supports the conceptual development of number sense, which is fundamental to mathematical learning. The Big Ideas encompass and connect a number of related ideas and strategies in ways that support further learning and generalisations. If students don’t have a solid understanding of these big ideas, their progress in the number strand and mathematics in general will be more difficult.

Maths Pathways

Students in Years 5 and 6 participate in the Maths Pathway model. Maths Pathway is a learning and teaching model that is re-imagining the way mathematics is taught in schools. The model is research-driven and has been developed to support success for all students in mathematics. Maths Pathway combines a range of teaching methods and classroom practices with an online learning environment to support individualised learning for each student. Maths Pathway, focuses on developing each student's individual learning needs by developing their problem solving, independent learning, and group work skills, and helping students develop a growth mindset towards their mathematics learning. 

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