Aberfeldie Primary School


School Council

School Council Members for 2023


Bec Sobell

Vice President

Terry Kappadais


Debbie Harris

Principal (Executive Officer)

Nathan Gage

Staff Rep - Secretary

Erin McNamara

Parent Representative

Benjamin Coss

Parent Representative

Angus Tester

Parent Representative

Danielle Ali

Parent Representative

Olivia Mouat

Staff Rep 

Elyse Dickeson

Staff Rep

Michael Saunders

To contact School Council parent and community representatives please email the school: aberfeldie.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au marked Attention: School Council

Objectives, Functions and Powers of School Councils

The Aberfeldie School Council consists of individuals from the Department of Education and Training (DET), Parents and Community Representatives. Aberfeldie’s School Council generally meets once a month during the school term, twice per term.

The Aberfeldie Primary School Council operates through a number of sub-committees. Sub-committees provide advice and make recommendations to the School Council, reporting regularly at school council meetings. Sub-committees are open to all Aberfeldie Community Representatives and therefore provide opportunities to get involved. Sub-committees generally meet every month.

Functions of school council

The key functions of school council with regard to the school are:

Information on the role and responsibilities of the various school council officer bearers (such as the principal as Executive Officer and the school council president) is available on School Councils – Composition and Officer Bearers.

Powers of school council

For the purpose of meeting its functions and objectives, and in accordance with any conditions or limitations set out in the Education and Training Reform Act, the Education and Training Reform Regulations, Ministerial Order or the school council’s constituting Order, school councils may:

Important: A school council does not have the power to:

2023 Sub-Committees for Aberfeldie Primary include:

School Council Dates for 2023