Truly Great Teaching 

What makes Truly Great Teaching?

There is a variety of research and documentation about what makes teaching excellent. Much of the research overlaps and there are key ideas that appear in the  majority of them. Here is a summary of what great teaching looks like at Aberfeldie Primary School.

Great Lessons Consistently Applied

Lessons are connected to objectives. These objectives are designed to build upon what students have already done and prepare them for what they need to do next. The high levels of clarity around intention and success mean that students know how they are currently doing and what they need to do next to continue to progress.
There is an explicit focus on expanding student vocabulary.

Strong and Collaborative Relationships

All students are treated as individuals and the classroom atmosphere is one of constant collaboration and support. Students frequently offer support to one another and tasks set are suitably challenging and relevant.
Students regularly work in a variety of different group contexts. This might be individual, small groups or whole class. They receive timely and relevant instruction and feedback from the teacher.

Making Assessment Relevant

At Aberfeldie Primary School we place a very strong emphasis on knowing where children are in their learning and what the next step might be. This enables us to individualise the learning program as much as possible. Generally speaking, children like to be challenged in their work and will respond to something being “difficult” in a really positive way.
The pre-requisite for this is a quality whole school assessment strategy which provides information about how children learn, what children learn and how they can improve. Our Curriculum team has done a thorough job ensuring teachers have the skill and knowledge to do their work to a very high level.

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