Welcome to Aberfeldie Primary School

Firstly a very big welcome to the new families and staff who will be joining the A.P.S community in 2016 and an equally big welcome back to those who are returning.

Our focus last year was to really entrench consistent high quality teaching practice across every classroom every day. The staff at Aberfeldie are extraordinarily skilled at implementing the three actions that bring continuous growth across the academic aspects of school -

  • Finding out what students know through assessment for learning
  • Understanding what the next layer of learning is through knowledge of the curriculum
  • Planning great activities that will help students create new knowledge

With these actions firmly entrenched at our school-this will allow us to begin to turn our attention to programs that build on creativity and resilience. To this end it gives me great pleasure to flag our Adventure Learning and our Interaction with Art programs that will kick off during first semester. We are using a model for Adventure Learning that I observed and participated in when I visited Cumbria in the United Kingdom. Soon these two programs will have their own links form the web-site so that the community will be able to keep track with how things are progressing. 

Finally this year will be the year of review for our school. There will be numerous opportunities for the community to be involved by providing feedback and suggestions about how we can continue our growth trajectory. We will be running a series of online surveys through the first half of the year and I would encourage people to provide their views.

Brett Millott 


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